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International Severe Asthma Registry – ISAR

What is ISAR?

The International Severe Asthma Registry is a global collaborative initiative to gather anonymous, longitudinal, real-life data for patients with severe asthma from 25 countries. ISAR offers a rich source of real-life data for scientific research to understand and improve symptoms, treatments, and patient outcomes for severe asthma. The database will also provide an international platform for research collaboration in respiratory medicine and patient care.

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What are the ISAR goals?

The goals of ISAR are to:

  • Standardise and integrate data collection by using a core set of variables across all participating countries. Variables were selected using a modified Delphi process [1]
  • Support data collection – electronic data capture, hosting and data entry
  • Enable collaborating countries to answer key research questions in severe asthma on a global scale
  • Improve the care of severe asthma patients


ISAR is governed by four independent bodies:

  • ISAR steering committee: Renowned researchers in the field of severe asthma from 25 countries and 4 AZ members
  • Respiratory Effectiveness Group (REG): Academic partner and international experts in severe asthma
  • ADEPT committee: Researchers into ethical oversight (operational for the past five years) and senior researchers with clinical, epidemiological and/or database expertise
  • Operational committee: Participating country representatives


If you would like more information about the ISAR registry, why not contact us or take a look at the ISAR website.

ISAR Progress


Total number of patients


Prospective patient-level data


Target for prospective patient recruitment by December 2023 with severe asthma

Agreements executed

Agreements in progress

1 March 2022

Status as at March 2022

1 March 2022

Argentina | n=129

Australia | n=671

Bulgaria | n=356

Canada | n=276

Colombia | n=301

Denmark | n=666

Greece | n=155

India | n=187

1 March 2022

Ireland | n=42

Italy | n=1,540

Japan | n=197

Kuwait | n=303

Mexico | n=145

Poland | n=73

Portugal | n=141

Saudi Arabia | n=207

1 March 2022

Singapore | n=10

Korea (Republic of) | n=165

Spain | n=715

Taiwan | n=292

United Arab Emirates | n=229

United Kingdom | n=714

United States of America | n=2,586

Patients are eligible for inclusion, into the ISAR Registry, if they have asthma requiring GINA Step 5 treatment or GINA Step 4 treatment and uncontrolled asthma.

  • Click here to see the full list of participating countries

    Countries Lead
    Argentina Jorge Maspero
    Australia Matthew Peters
    Bulgaria George C. Christoff
    Canada J. Mark FitzGerald
    Colombia Carlos Torres
    Denmark Celeste M. Porsbjerg
    Germany Christian Taube
    Greece Andrianna I. Papaioannou
    India Sundeep Salvi
    Ireland Richard W. Costello
    Italy George Walter Canonica
    Enrico Heffler
    Japan Takashi Iwanaga
    Kuwait Mona Al-Ahmad
    Mexico Désirée Larenas Linnemann
    Poland Piotr Kuna
    Portugal João A Fonseca
    Saudi Arabia Riyard Al-Lehebi
    Singapore Mariko Koh Siyue
    South Korea Chin Kook Rhee
    Kwang Ha Yoo
    Spain Luis Perez-de-Llano
    Sweden David Aronsson
    Taiwan Steve Perng Diahn-Warng
    United Arab Emirates Bassam Mahboub
    United Kingdom Andrew Menzies-Gow
    Liam G. Heaney
    United States of America Eileen Wang
  • Click here to learn more about ISAR research projects

    Priority research topics by ISAR for 2021 are:

    Phenotypic Characteristics, Comorbidities and Response to Therapeutic Interventions Associated with Non-Type 2 Asthma (EMBER)

    Effectiveness of Biologics (by classes) in Patients with Different Combination of T2 Biomarkers (IGNITE)

    To see the full list of research projects, please visit the ISAR website

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