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AstraZeneca at ERS Virtual Congress 2020

This year, the ERS congress is an innovative and interactive virtual event, with live sessions taking place on 7–9 September 2020, but content will remain available for the rest of the year.

AstraZeneca is showcasing pioneering work across asthma, COPD and more. Through the ERS platform, you are able to access the AstraZeneca virtual exhibition area, watch the five exciting and collaborative symposia and view the latest posters and oral presentations, covering new and updated data from our respiratory studies.

AstraZeneca innovative virtual exhibition area at ERS 2020

At this year’s ERS virtual congress, AstraZeneca has created a stimulating and informative exhibition booth, packed with the latest information and news on emerging science and developments in respiratory medicine. This includes information on advances in practice, innovation in patient care and key drivers of respiratory disease.

Although the format of this year’s ERS congress has changed, we are excited to welcome you to what we hope is a unique and engaging exhibition experience, which gives you the opportunity to explore the recent developments in respiratory medicine and to discuss the future of respiratory research.

AstraZeneca publications at ERS 2020

At this year’s ERS virtual congress, AstraZeneca has 11 oral presentations (plus accompanying e-posters) and 50 poster presentations on a variety of respiratory topics. Don’t miss out on new data from:


The cross-sectional, multi-country study on the prescription patterns of short-acting β2-agonists (SABAs) and the potential effects on asthma control


The NOVEL observational longiTudinal studY on patients with asthma and/or COPD that aims to describe patient characteristics, treatment patterns and the burden of illness over time and to identify phenotypes and endotypes


New data on exacerbations relative to pneumonia risk and exacerbations by blood eosinophil counts in patients with COPD

Below is a selection of key AstraZeneca abstracts being presented at ERS 2020:

COPD exacerbations

  • LATE BREAKER: COPD exacerbation benefits relative to pneumonia risk with budesonide/glycopyrronium/formoterol metered dose inhaler: analyses from ETHOS (OA5230) Martinez FJ
    • Oral presentation: Wednesday 9 September 16:50–17:50 CEST


  • Seasonal variation in COPD exacerbation rates: budesonide/glycopyrronium/formoterol metered dose inhaler (BGF MDI) at two ICS dose levels in the ETHOS trial (OA5238) Ferguson GT
    • Oral presentation: Wednesday 9 September 16:50–17:50 CEST


Severe asthma

  • Real-world treatment patterns of benralizumab therapy for patients with severe asthma (OA4646) Noorduyn S
    • Oral presentation: Tuesday 8 September 15:40–16:40 CEST


  • Benralizumab in severe asthma: preliminary results from the Italian ANANKE study (PA2609) D’Amato M et al
    • E-poster session: Advances in asthma treatment (live now)


Mild-moderate asthma

  • LATE BREAKER: Reimbursement for asthma care is a universal barrier to achieving asthma symptom control: The SABINA III study (PA2665) Bateman ED et al
    • E-poster session: Personalised treatment of obstructive diseases (live now)


  • LATE BREAKER: Short-acting β2-agonist use in asthma in western societies (PA2629) Quint J et al
    • E-poster session: Inhaled corticosteroids and bronchodilator studies in asthma (live now)


  • Efficacy of as-needed budesonide/formoterol in mild asthma: pooled analysis of SYGMA 1 and 2 (PA2275) Bateman ED et al
    • E-poster session: Asthma and cough: clinical trials and pharmacological insights (live now)


Early phase development

    • Profiling the impact of two JAK inhibitors in a pre-clinical model of allergic asthma (PA3302) Pinkerton J et al
      • E-poster session: Scientific advances in airway pharmacology


    • Quantitative LC-MS/MS identifies significantly altered protein profiles in bronchial lavage fluid in non-allergic and allergic asthma (OA4082) Boberg E et al
      • Oral presentation: Monday 7 September 16:50–17:50 CEST


  • Application of machine learning algorithms to predict loss of asthma control: a post-hoc analysis of INCONTRO study (PA206) Necander S et al
    • E-poster session: Clinical characteristics and diagnostic tools for phenotyping asthma and COPD (live now)


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